Welcome to our new website.

Hello – if you are reading this you have forund your way to our new website, and I am so glad to welcome you to the virtual home of Flowergate Hall Community Arts Centre. So feel free to have a look around, and drop us an email if you want to know more about any of the things that we are up to!

I hope to meet you face to face at our lovely centre!

Rebecca Denniff, Artistic Director, Flowergate Hall Community Arts Centre

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website.

  1. Hello. very excited to see this new venue in Whitby. My friend Nick Hall recommended that i get in touch. we are a small promotion outfit.. mostly in Leeds at Seven Arts. i have some suggestions for gigs that might go down well at your venue but need a bit more information eg. what is the capacity ? what are the hire charges? id love to chat with you if you could possibly give me a call.. 07915091290
    best regards Maggie


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