The People’s Fridge

The People’s Fridge – Whitby Community Fridge is now open, and we’d love it if you could support it. We are part of the National Community Fridge Network, and this requires that we meet an array of standards as laid out by Hubbub. Find out more on the Hubbub website

The aim of the fridge is to fight food waste and support local people. It does this by collecting leftover food from businesses, then making it available to local residents and community groups.This includes individuals with limited access to affordable fresh and nutritious food.

The Community Fridge is usually open between 10am and 12pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Strict monitoring guidelines based on advice from the Food Standards Agency and the Council’s Environmental Health team ensure the fridge operates to the highest quality standards.

If you run a business in the local area these are the benefits to you.

  • A free service collecting food that would otherwise be thrown away, helping you to become a zero waste business.
  • An opportunity for you to contribute positive social impact; supporting the local community, in particularly individuals who are in financial hardship.
  • The chance to be credited as a business champion in the Community Fridge’s promotional materials, online pages and press.We’d love to discuss how the Community Fridge could benefit your business, if you’re happy to discuss please let us know some possible dates and times. Likewise let us know if you have any other questions or would like to discuss this exciting project further. You can email for more information.